Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Celebrating a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah in Israel?

Looking for an enriching and customized event that unites the family and infuses tradition, meaning, and joy?

We weave the past into the present, bring together the old and the contemporary
and carefully plan, coordinate, and tailor to your every detail for an unforgettable celebration.

We take care of EVERYTHING from the minute you arrive in Israel until your smooth departure.

Among the favorite sites for Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies are Masada, Jerusalem, Tsfat, and Tzipori.

We put together a customized and exciting itinerary that suits your family and its wishes – anything you want to see, taste, or experience. And, of course, we meticulously handle all the aspects of your stay including transportation, English-speaking guides, reservations, etc. 





Here’s one suggestion, out of many, for the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah day:

We arrange a private tour bus pick you up in the morning and drive together to the ceremony site with a stop on the way for a fabulous breakfast. 
Arriving at the site, we parade in a joyous procession to the ceremony singing, dancing, and blowing the Shofars to open the gates of heaven; the celebrating child under the Chuppah.
After the ceremony, we can bring a show, a band, a DJ, or arrange a guided tour of the site, and then go for lunch, or dinner.
We decorate the dining venue with flower arrangements, balloon bouquets, and surprise the guests with party favors.

In addition, we offer three different packages, which include the must-see sites; Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Eilat, Zichron Yaakov, the Sea of Galilee Tsfat, and the Golan Heights, as well as other more intimate, and personalized activities which we carefully plan for each family:

  • Three-day package (including the Bar/Bat Mitzvah)
  • Five-day package (including the Bar/Bat Mitzvah)
  • Seven-day package (including the Bar/Bat Mitzvah)

No matter how many times you’ve been to Israel, we make sure this visit is extra special.

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חיה גוזלן הפקה משפחתית


My name is Haya Gozlan. For many years I headed the events and youth department at the Municipality of Netanya. Fulfilling my dream to work with families and walk them through one of the most important family milestones and Simchas – a child coming of age – I established Family Dream. A boutique events company that specializes in the production of customized, unique Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations which take place in sites with special meaning such as Jerusalem’s Western Wall, Masada, Tzipori, Zichron Yaakov, Caesarea, Tsfat, Beit Shearim, and anywhere else you choose to celebrate your family and child’s rite of passage. 

I hold an M.A. in education and work with highly experienced and professional teams that make sure that when it’s time to go home you’re packed with unforgettable, joyous moments and memories to last you a lifetime.

Thanks, Haya,
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